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Kornucopia® ML™ 3.0 New Release

  • Learn about all the new feature in Kornucopia® ML™, 3.0 , including how to efficiently work with 10's or 100's of plots with Kornucopia Results Workbooks™

Are you struggling with:

  • Constantly re-attaching units and descriptive information to your numeric data
  • Keeping track of and properly converting units in your calculations
  • Overwhelming amounts of data that are too complicated to fully analyze
  • Importing entire data files into MATLAB® including related units and text
  • Noisy, or messy nonlinear data that you are unsure how to analyze
  • Impact and shock problems, including computing SRS and PVSS quantities
  • Interpreting results from explicit dynamics FEA simulations
  • Manually creating/editing graphs and summaries for presentations/reports

Would you like to be able to:

  • Calculate with a variable that holds numeric data, units, and descriptive information all in one
  • Naturally calculate with software that fully tracks and converts units as needed
  • Create easy to read, reusable, self-documenting MATLAB® workflows. Analyze ALL your data
  • Easily import large amounts of text files and Abaqus® history data into MATLAB®
  • Effectively clean-up nonlinear data (regularizing, trimming, tweaking, smoothing, and averaging)
  • Confidently use DSP technology (FFT, DFS, PSD, FRF, filtering, decimating, ...)
  • Easily create reusable presentation-ready graphs with Kornucopia's automated features
  • Obtain expert guidance for your difficult nonlinear problem

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