Faster data analysis with greater understanding™

Kornucopia® ML™               
for use with MATLAB®

Kornucopia® ML™ is a unique suite of tools for use with MATLAB®. Users in physical testing, simulation, and research environments generate high volumes of messy/noisy, meta-info rich data. Kornucopia ML's tools are designed to improve speed, precision and effectiveness in the organization and analysis of real-world data.

“Data” is numbers PLUS units and other key descriptive information. The issue for the technical community is this; though computational tools have improved efficiency in the calculation of numbers, the level of manual effort required to associate units and other essential information to the numbers remains high. Kornucopia® ML™ is changing this in a unique and exciting way. Kornucopia's features free you from the time intensive, low value, error prone workload of repetitively attaching key information to numbers. Now, a tool is available that enables calculation with "data" in its complete form!

For data analysis, Kornucopia® ML™ addresses the daunting task of choice and application of which powerful tools are needed to process complicated data sets. Kornucopia® ML™ contains a long overdue resource in this area. Expertise captured from decades of real world experience is delivered through a teaching help system with relevant concepts and useable examples. This enables highly effective, confident production of results faster with greater understanding. From highly automated plotting to DSP processing tools and more, Kornucopia® ML™ is truly a horn of plenty.

Key NEW Features of Version 3.0

  • Kornucopia Results Workbook™ via a tabbed figure
    • Efficiently manage tons of data, plots, & pictures
    • Easily create HTML export for all the tabs (share results with non-MATLAB users)
    • Right-click menu options on various graphic objects
    • Attach other files to the figure for traceability and later use or reference
    • Interactively retrieve data from plots and tables in figures
    • Utilize MATLAB fig-files as “visual” databases
  • Pseudo databases via MATLAB tables
    • Kornucopia provides several new functions to make it easy to be tabular repositories of your data to organize your information and make it easy to share with others
  • Flexible row and column name referencing
    • Working with others just became easier because Kornucopia will recognize slight differences in column and row names
  • 35 New functions
    • Lots of new functionality and also many enhancements to existing Kornucopia functions
  • 11 New examples and 1 new tutorial
    • All the examples updated to utilize Kornucopia Results Workbook™ via a tabbed figure

Want more details, read the Kornucopia® ML™ 3.0 New Features Overview


Overview of Kornucopia's General Features

  • A proprietary combination of a powerful units engine with added artificial intelligence
    • Flexible new data type, k_units, holds numeric values along with units, column names, descriptions and other meta information throughout your calculations
      • Say goodbye to frequently attaching/reattaching numeric values to their units and associated meta information
      • Say hello to automatic unit conversion and compatibility checking
    • Underlying units library is easily expanded to include customized definitions
    • MATLAB math operators and functions can be naturally used with variables stored as k_units data type

  • Easy import/export functions that include ALL of your data, not just numeric values
    • Flexible functions capable of reading and smartly parsing the contents of large quantities of text files in a variety of formats
    • Abaqus® ODB history data is easily imported into an auto-labelled Kornucopia® ML™ table
    • SD-IMPAX raw, processed, and RTM data files are is easily imported into an auto-labelled Kornucopia® ML™ table

  • Tools for adjusting messy XY data curves
    • Flexible functionality for trimming, extending, regularizing, tweaking, smoothing …
    • Easily create curve-fits or interpolation functions of your data, including flexible use of units of course!

  • Easy to use tools for noisy data
    • Large variety of DSP functions FFT, DFS. PSD, FRF, Filtering, Decimation …
    • Shock response tools including absolute acceleration SRS and PVSS
    • Advanced algorithms for accurately processing challenging situations, such as explicit dynamics simulation output where traditional DSP functionality can often produce incorrect results

  • Highly automated, well formatted, presentation-ready figures
    • Reusable and tailorable plots containing graphs and tables
    • Manage 10's or 100's of plots in a Kornucopia Results Workbook™ within a single tabbed-figure
    • Right-click on curves and other graphic objects to easily retrieve underlying curves and data, including met-info

  • Extensive help system and examples library
    • Teaching help system to describe concepts and provide guidance for function selection and application to real world problems
    • Examples can be extracted and modified for use in your application or used as templates

  • Supported MATLAB versions
    • Kornucopia ML version 3.0 supports MATLAB versions R2016b - R2018b.

Want more details, examine The Kornucopia® ML™ Help System

Introductory video 6:52

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