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Analyzing Noisy Data from FEA & Physical Tests via DSP

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Have you struggled with noisy data from either implicit or explicit FEA simulations and/or experiments?

  • Not sure what filtering, FFT, PDS, SRS, PVSS, and other DSP tools are really doing to your data?

If you work with any of the following, this course is for you!
  • Simulations ranging from highly transient to vibratory to noisy quasi-static
    • Implicit or Explicit Dynamics simulations: Abaqus, LS-DYNA, Ansys, RADIOSS, ...
  • Experimentally measured shock, impact, faliure & buckling, or other noisy events
  • Noisy measurement data that needs to be converted into material models or other uses

Analyzing Noisy Data from FEA & Physical Tests via DSP – FFT, SRS, Filters & More

DSP Course Brochure (pdf)

This seminar teaches the required concepts for working with noisy and transient data - for both experiments and simulations.

  • Training at customer's site or via live web seminars.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to collect digital data, avoiding aliasing. Applies to physical experiments & simulation models.
  • Perform spectrum analysis to inerpret frrequency content via DFS (so-called FFT) and PSD analysis.
  • Filer data with confidence to remove high frequency noise or low frequency drifting.
  • Apply SRS and PVSS shock spectrum analysis methods to estimate impact severity, including how to estimate influence of a shock isolator and how to convert simple shock specs (1000-G, 0.5-msec) into SRS and PVSS spectra.
  • Improve accuracy, efficiency, and usefulness of explicit dynamics simulations (Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Radioss, ...) including impact, shock, buckling, failure, penetration, sliding contact, and quasi-static analyses.
  • Obtain better correlations between physical experiments and FEA simulations. Learn:
    • Sources that cause distortions in physical tests and simulations and then how to potentially remove them.
    • How to make appropriate comparisons between simulations and experiments.
    • How to get BOTH the experimentalist and simulation user on the same page!

Topics presented will help answer your DSP questions and unlock this powerful technology for many of your applications. The seminar blends lectures and workshops utilizing simplified "teaching examples" and real-world applications, all supported with theoretical background and pragmatic guidelines.

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"This DSP seminar should be mandatory for every explicit dynamics user. Ted is a great lecturer. I have attended many seminars over the years; I believe Ted's was one of, if not the most useful. Looking back to all the things I did with Explicit, I know now that they could have been done better had I had the knowledge provided by the class and Kornucopia®"
Pedro Bastias
- NACCO, Materials Handling Group

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