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Customizable training Seminars

Bodie Technology offers customizable, hands-on, training seminars designed for Engineers,
Scientists, and Researchers that work with:

  • Simulation tools like FEA, CFD, or others
  • Data from experiments and/or simulations
    • including nonlinear, noisy and challenging data
  • Closed-form analyses & pseudo-analytical methods

Seminar Links

  • Analyzing Noisy Data from FEA & Physical Tests via DSP – FFT, SRS, Filters & More
    • Learn to collect and process noisy data with confidence!
    • Taught in the language of mechanical engineering.

  • Using Advanced Energy Methods to Enhance Test & Simulation Data Analysis
    • Learn how to use energy quantities (external work, internal energy, frictional dissipation, inelastic energy, artificial energy, etc.), and derivatives of such energy quantities, to significantly enhance your analysis methods.
    • Applications presented: quasi-static to dynamic, linear to non-linear, physical testing to numerical simulations.

  • Kornucopia® ML™ Essentials
    • Learn how to utilize Kornucopia's unique k_units data type to integrate and calculate with all of your data (numeric, units, labels, and comments).
    • Using k-units to create an efficient semi automated workflow to import, export, and generate formatted plots with your data.
    • Enhance the usefulness of XY data sets through Kornucopia's functions such as trimming, tweaking, averaging and smoothing.
    • An introduction to approaches for working with noisy and messy data via DSP functionality (Fourier analysis, filtering, shock response spectra, and more).
    • Download course notes for self-paced exploration of Kornucopia® ML™ Essentials.

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"Your DSP course taught techniques that helped me create a standardized approach for processing noisy Explicit Dynamics simulations. This has improved my analysis and helped me deliver more useful FEA results on recent projects - your course is the best I have taken in a long time."
Michael J. Iacchei, Mechanical Engineer
- U.S. Army, AMSAA