Faster data analysis with greater understanding™

Jump-Start into Kornucopia® and Mathcad®


Mathcad and Kornucopia® can help make all sorts of calculations and data analysis faster, easier, and more accurate. If you work with any of the following this free, web-based training is for you!

  • Simulation results
    • Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Ansys, Mechanisms Analysis, ...
  • Experimental data
  • Analytical calculations
  • Analysis algorithms
This prerecorded instructor-led web-based seminar is presented over 3 sessions, each session approximately 3 hours in duration. The seminar combines instructor led content with self-paced tutorials.
- No travel required by participants!

This 3-session seminar covers:
  • Mathcad basics
    • Working with equations, functions, arrays and strings, units plotting, simple programming, and solve blocks

  • Kornucopia® functionality
    • Overview of depth and breath of Kornucopia®

  • Basics of Kornucopia®
    • Enhanced file reading and writing, unpacking, ...
    • Array and string manipulation
    • Data adjusting via tweaking, trimming, rescaling, ...
    • Easy-to-Use DSP, Filtering, Smoothing, ...
    • Integration and derivatives with digital data
    • Advanced features
    • Message pop-up boxes and more

  • Tips from a Power User
    • Efficient methods and best practices
    • Tips on using solve-blocks, programs, and working with lots of data

  • Desire a a customized seminar? Please Contact Us.
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"Without Kornucopia® I really doubt the quality and quantity of work would have been what it was. The 1 on 1 instruction was invaluable."
Lieutenant Colonel Kelly Laughlin, PhD
- U.S. Army, Picatinny Arsenal

Click here to download Mathcad file needed for training.

Link to actual training seminar.

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Viewing tips:

  • Video is recorded in 1024 x 768 resolution
  • It is best viewed on most screens in full size within the web browser
    • The F11 key toggles full screen mode on/off in most browsers
  • If you are experiencing issues viewing the Jump-Start training video, please Contact Us for support or to send you a complimentary CD