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Executive Team

CEO's Profile


Ted Diehl, Ph.D.

Ted is responsible for all aspects of Bodie strategy and business operations. As CEO, he oversees Bodie’s three Divisions: Technical, Clinical Research, and Entertainment.

Ted is also responsible for strategy and technology development for Bodie's Engineering Division. He has been an active participant in CAE and Physical Testing communities for over 30 years, representing companies in several industries. His primary focus is developing methods to solve industrial problems through a creative, yet pragmatic, mix of experimental, computational, and theoretical approaches.

Dr. Diehl pioneered many FEA-oriented digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, initially for use in cell-phone impact mechanics. He later expanded those DSP approaches to a vast array of explicit dynamics modeling issues such as difficult quasi-static analyses and failure simulations. A few of his many industrial successes include development of ABAQUS-based methods to analyze copier sheet mechanics, efficient and robust methods for simulating fabrics under severe loading, improved utilization of cohesive elements, and many novel experimental and modeling methods to quantify nonlinear material and structural response.

Vice-President's Profile


Kim W. Diehl

Kim is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Clinical Research and Entertainment divisions of Bodie Tech.

Bodie Technology, Inc.

Company Profile

The Engineering Division of Bodie Technology is focused on solving challenging problems in the field of nonlinear mechanics by employing a proven mix of computational and testing knowledge in novel ways. Our technology includes unique expertise in the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for significantly improving the understanding of noisy or problematic datasets. This type of data often occurs in experiments ranging from transient impact to the monitoring of process equipment. It also frequently occurs in simulations that utilize explicit dynamics finite element codes such as Abaqus/Explicit, LS-Dyna, and others.

Customers across a variety of industries are finding Bodie’s unique mix of world-class expertise, Kornucopia® software, customizable training classes, and consulting services a valuable, cost effective resource.