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Consulting Services

Bodie Technology offers a broad array of Consulting Services.

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Are you struggling with:

  • Problematic and challenging datasets, not sure how to work with them?
  • Analyzing a ton of data?
  • How to attack a difficult nonlinear problem?
  • How to better use MATLAB®, Abaqus®, or LS-DYNA® to analyze your problem?
  • Deciding to run an experiment, simulation, or both?

You will find our consulting a valuable resource!

Success in many nonlinear problems relies on integrating theory, experiments, and models. We have experience doing just that! ( watch a video about this general approach)

Bodie offers these services and expertise:
  • Data processing and interpretation
    • You provide us with your noisy or challenging data and we efficiently process it with advanced DSP technology. We also work with you to better understand what your data is telling you.
    • Understanding your data significantly increases its value to you. Plus, our efficient analysis methods with save you time and money.
  • Applied DSP technology for improved data/model interpretations and correlations
  • Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis via Abaqus
  • Analysis of highly flexible structures
    • Bodie has unique expertise on analysing these highly nonlinear problems
  • Methods Development - guidance to determine the best approach to analyze a nonlinear structural mechanics problem (experimental, simulation, theoretical, or combination of these) along with which techniques and tools to use
  • Creating automated workflows to process and analyze experimental and/or simulation data
  • Utilizing creative testing methods to augment modeling needs
  • Custom Mathcad-based analysis worksheets and workflows designed to meet your needs

Example using Kornucopia®