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Listed below are publications authored by Ted Diehl, PhD.

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2010 thru Today

Direct Measurement of Rubber Interphase Stiffness
Brune, P., Blackman, G., Diehl, T., Meth, J., Brill, D., Tao, Y., Thorton, J., Macromolecules, 2016.

Using Shock Response Spectra Methods (SRS and PVSS) to Enhance Explicit Dynamics FEA Simulations
Diehl, T., S&V Symposium, 2014.

Combining Detailed Experiments, PolyUMod®, Kornucopia®, and Abaqus® to Create Accurate FE Scratch Simulations
Diehl, T., et. al., Simulia Community Conference, 2013.

Getting More from Abaqus by Tackling Noisy and Challenging Data
Diehl, T., Simulia Community Conference, 2012.

Creating Viable FEA Material Representations for Elastomers Using Non-Ideal Test Data
Diehl, T., Xu, Y., Simulia Customer Conference Proceedings, 2010.

2005 thru 2009

Integrating Theory, Experiments, and FEA to Solve Challenging Nonlinear Mechanics Problems
Diehl, T., Abaqus Users' Conference Proceedings, 2008.

On the Measurement and Modeling of Polymeric Materials that Exhibit Unstable Localized Necking
Diehl, T., Abaqus Users' Conference Proceedings, Paris, France, May 2007.
This paper was updated on 2021 to make clear distinctions between geometric instabilities of a uniaxial test sample and Drucker Instability of a material law.

Using Abaqus Cohesive Elements to Model Peeling of an Epoxy-bonded Aluminum Strip: A Benchmark Study for Inelastic Peel Arms
Diehl, T., Abaqus User's Conference, Boston, USA, May, 2006.

Modeling Surface-bonded Structures with Abaqus Cohesive Elements: Beam-Type Solutions
Diehl, T., Abaqus User's Conference, Stockholdm, Sweden, May, 2005.

2000 thru 2004

An Up-Close Model Characterizing a Highly Nonlinear, Fluffy-cored, Skinned, Composite Material Used in a Local Buckling Analysis
Diehl, T., et. al., Abaqus User's Conference Proceedings, Boston, USA, May, 2004.

A Few Tips for Solving the Unsolvable
Diehl, T., Invited feature article, Machine Design, June, 2003.

The Development and Use of a Robust Modeling Approach for Predicting Structural Performance of Woven Fabrics Using Abaqus
Diehl, T., et. al., Abaqus user's Conference Proceedings, Munich, Germany, May, 2003.

Modeling the "Shrink-Wrap Effect" in Polymers and Elastomers, Including the Influence of Very Large Elastic and Inelastic Strains
Diehl, T., Abaqus user's Conference Proceedings, Newport, USA, May, 2002.

Utilizing Abaqus' 10-Node Modified Tet for Analyzing Impact Problems Involving Thin-Walled Structures
Diehl, Tl, Carroll, D., Abaqus User's Conference Proceedings, 2000.


Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to Significantly Improve the Interpretation of Abaqus/Explicit Results
Diehl, T., Nagaraj, B., Carroll, D., Abaqus User's Conference, Chester, United Kingdom, May, 1999.

Ball Drop simulation on Two-Way Radio Lens Using Abaqus/Explicit
Nagaraj, B., Carroll, D., Diehl, T., Abaqus User's Conference, Chester, United Kingdom, May, 1999.

Using Abaqus to Understand Media Transport
Diehl, T., Abaqus User's Conference Proceedings, Newport, USA, 1996.

Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Analysis of Nonlinear Nip Mechanics with Hyperelastic Material Formulations
Diehl, T., University of Rochester, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1995.

Methods of Improving Abaqus/Standard Predictions for Problems Involving Sliding Contact
Diehl, T., Abaqus User's Conference Proceedings, 1995.

Simulating the Transport of Very Flexible Sheets: Beam-Type Solutions
Diehl, T., Abaqus User's Conference Proceedings, 1993.

Formulation of a user MPC to Simulate Beam-Type Transport Problems
Diehl, T., MFSP Internal Report, University of Rochester, USA, 1993.